This was taken at my uncle's house near Venice Beach, California. I was about 3, so this would be 1958. From the left, my uncle (Dad's brother), a biochemist of some renown; Dad's other brother; their mom; my mom (squinting in the sun); my granddad (father of the two guys on the left); and last but not least, my aunt (wife of the biochemist), who was one of the finest people I knew. I do not know what became of her after the early '70s. Finally, the boys. The bigger one eventually became really wealthy, an owner of a professional sports team, and had legal trouble. The smaller one is yours truly, squinting like his mom! This was taken at a time when my little extended family was not only alive but still functional. As usual, the cameraman was Dad! Back then, he had a 35mm camera he bought in Japan on leave from fighting in Korea. Some of these peeps have appeared in my Christmastime pictures, posted earlier. Enjoy. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos