This photograph was scanned from my grandfather John "Jack" Baker's Warbook. This photo is of Nazi soldiers being helped aboard a Coast Guard cutter after their U-Boat (U-175) was destroyed in a battle. This photograph was taken aboard the USS Spencer by Jack January on April 17, 1943. The event took place in the North Atlantic while on a convoy mission (HX-233) from the United States to the United Kingdom. Although my grandfather had told me about this event numerous times, the part that he recounted the most was what happened shortly after the Nazi's were brought aboard -- they were given ice cream. He said that in all his years aboard the USS Duane, he was never given ice cream. Even further - he was a medic and he was obligated to treat them. Despite the fact that the USCG cutter ships were firing weapons at these men moments earlier, he now had to give them medical attention as they ate ice cream in front of him. The official recount of the story can be found here. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos