If this wasn't taken on Mother's Day, it sure should have been. At any rate, Mother allowed herself to be cajoled into a rare posed shot by my brother, who had his newly-acquired Lordox 35mm camera loaded with Ansco Color slide film. She did touch up her lipstick, I see, and even wears one of our garden flowers in her dress. Otherwise, we're both clad in everyday duds, including my cowboy-style belt. I've got my eye patch on to treat my amblyopia which, as we all know by now, was never rectified. I appear to be holding a piece of colored chalk, very plausible for the period. This is probably early in the year, so I'm still 8. In the background, struggling through the bank of succulents, is one of our century plants that I kept hoping would finally bloom one year; I'd have to wait until 1966. Mother did not like having her picture taken. I was 2 before we were even together in one, and this is the first of only 5 in which we're by ourselves. But I was her youngest, and she never stopped introducing me to people, "And this is my baby ... " She left us in July 1999, just 2 weeks short of her 91st birthday. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos