Another detail-crammed look into the Salmon Kitchen. Here my mother is caught in mid-pot draining while whipping up Christmas Eve dinner as her granddaughter, garbed in high-1980s style, looks on. GD had not only a great love for her grandma, but for her kitchen. The white utility table behind her is now in her own, along with a vintage restored Wedgewood range. There's so much here I don't know where to begin. My favorite items include, under the copper molds at the upper left, a hamburger patty press that created many a burger I devoured. The chrome Toastmaster had been around since the 50s. Under it, the pressure cooker with a bag of - I think - walnuts from our tree. A loaf of freshly-baked something is cooling on a cake rack next to the toaster. Over on the sink counter, a milk carton was always there to collect various bits of wet cooking by-product waste. Weird how you can get nostalgic over something like that. 35mm Kodacolor 400 negative, shot with bounce flash. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos