A number of you have expressed appreciation for slice-of-life shots, so here's one. I must say, though, that if my mother were still around to know I was posting it she'd probably take a slice out of my life. At any rate, here she's busy doing something - writing out a shopping list or copying a recipe - after making my breakfast. At my usual place at the table a slice of French toast rests on a Melmac plate, ready to be smothered in syrup from that gigantic bottle. An anodized aluminum tumbler awaits filling from the old-style flat-topped, waxy milk carton. Next to it is a big jar of strawberry jam, another thing I liked to slather on French toast. Maybe I'll eat that last home-made banana muffin, too. Behind her, our c.1956 Kelvinator with its separate freezer section, complete with rubber lizard clinging to the door. Mother became so converted to freezing that we soon got the separate freezer in the back porch, just visible through the window in the door. Besides the usual meat and packaged goods, it was usually filled with produce from Father's garden, a lot of it the kind things she used can in the pre-freezer days. "Put down that camera and eat your food before it gets cold." | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos