June 19, 1978. Apparently I hit the J.C. Penney men's department immediately before my trip to Spain. At any rate, here I am color-coordinated and looking inexplicably serious with my Nizo Super-8 movie camera at the parador Jarandilla de la Vera, Spain. My friend, who took this Koadachrome slide, and I paid ₧3676 for our one-night double, or about $48 then. Today, the same accommodations seem to be €166, or about $239. History does not record what Emperor Charles V paid when he stayed here in the 16th Century, nor what he watched on TV. No doubt he was better-dressed. Now that I think about it, my expression may be the result of jet-lag; this was the day after we arrived. My friend and I tried to avoid it by gradually adjusting our sleep schedule to Europe time for a week or so before departure, staying up later and later each night watching old movies on TV and playing card and board games. It didn't really work. We did document it in a series of rather amusing photos, though. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos