My father Shri. Holalkere Venkatanarayanappa Ranga rao, was a Specialist in Accounts. He was an excellent Astrologer and man of high values. He hails from a sleepy village, called 'Holalkere,' in 'Chitradurga Dist', of 'Old Mysore', a princely state of Karnataka. This self taught man, knew many things. He was proficient in Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and of course, English ! This particular picture was taken, when he left a reputed firms, to fulfill the desire of his father, to work as *'Shanbhogue' at his native place, HOLALKERE ! * Shanbhogues were not appointed but this profession is passed on to sons, from very earlier times. Essentially Shanbhogues were village Accountants, in the larger meaning of the term. But, in those days, they were treated very highly in the Society, and did several social works ! Now, village Accountants, are working in place of Shanbhagues ! | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos