The original is on Shorpy, here: I have cropped and resized the image to fit my screen (as computer wallpaper), so there are bits from the original missing here. I searched for color(ed) pictures of Congress Hall on the web, but turned up nuthin'. So, the color scheme is mine, entirely, and likely not correct. But I think it looks believable. I did find bottles of Hathorn Springs spring water, but no color labels. The bottles were bright green glass, however, so I made the sign roughly the same color. I used a lot of the same techniques in this colorization as I used in the last one; trying to use multiple blended colors on most surfaces. For everything from the leaves on the trees to their shadows on the pavement, I used a gazillion different shades to try and give the picture a realistic look. Whether I succeeded or not is a judgement for its audience to make, of course. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos