My brother and I enjoy a day on the green with the hollyhocks in our Larkspur, California yard. He's about 12, me about 3. Later, we may have played in the pretend city we built, which he precociously named Le Petit Orléans. All I remember about it are the roads and the telephone lines we made with string and wooden mock chicken leg skewers from Mother's kitchen. Much later, the area in the upper right was the locale of my model church. I also note that the gizmo between me and the hollyhocks appears to share DNA with the other gizmo I'm holding in this shot. My father had an adventure each summer trying to find the pipe in the lawn that held the umbrella (also green, for all you colorizers). I still have the diagram he made, triangulating from trees on the slope, but it never seemed to help much. If I ever write my autobiography, this will illustrate the chapter "You Never Had It So Good." My sister took the photo. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos