I located a street view from the other side of the street of the Congress Bar. When you compare both photos, you can clearly see they are looking down the same direction. There's a train bridge going over the street in the distance and some of the signs on the left side of the photo match up. This is 128 Silver Street in Hurley, WI. Here's the Google street view today http://goo.gl/maps/EmKED As you can see, the Congress Bar, as well as that entire side of the street is now a parking lot. The Trolla Meat and Grocery is now the Hurley Coffee Company. I googled in "Trolla Meats & Groceries" and found an old newspaper ad from the 1936 Ironwood Daily Globe http://newspaperarchive.com/daily-globe/1936-05-15/page-6/ It had their address which is how I was able to locate the current street view. Thanks for all your input. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos