This is a portrait of my mother’s side of the family, taken about 1927. That’s her in the top right corner, at about the age of one, being held by my grandfather. My grandmother is in the dark dress, seated directly in front of them. Across the back row are my great-uncles, whom I don’t know too much about except that one of them suffered from “shell shock” during the Great War and was never the same afterward. I think he died an early death. Seated in front of them in the middle row are my great aunts. I don’t recall too much about them either, except that I think the one seated third from the right developed a very healthy dark mustache in her old age. Funny the stuff a kid remembers! In the front row, far left, is my uncle Jack (seen here 25 years later). Also in the front row, third from the left is my aunt Peggy. The two people in the middle row center are my great-grandfather and my great-grandmother. On the table of honor in the epicenter of it all are the smiling visages of my great-great-grandfather and my great-great-grandmother. Quite a clan! That side of my family hails from England; my grandfather emigrated to the US in 1911 and my grandmother followed him in 1915 on the last passenger steamer to sail from England before the sinking of the Lusitania. Some of the family moved to Canada or New Zealand, but most stayed in England. I wish I’d been able to know them better! | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos