This photo is circa 1913 when my grandfather worked for Ford Motor in Highland Park at the Model T plant. He worked there from 1910 to 1919. He went to school with Edward Gray, Henry Ford's chief engineer, who, with Albert Kahn, designed the Highland Park plant. Grandpa returned to Pennsylvania in 1919 but then came back in 1937 at the request of Gray and worked with Gar Wood and Ed Gray at Gray's Grayhaven facilities in Detroit. His last job was working on a special transmission for landing craft for the invasion of Japan, of course those were never needed. To the left, my grandparents, Elmer and Emma LeSuer and their firstborn, Elmer Jr. Their landlords, the Boltons, to the right. Here is a Shorpy photo of the craneway at the Highland Park Plant. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos