Naval Boot camp, Platoon class 43-321, San Diego, California, August-October 1943. My father, Horace A. Dillard, is the last sailor on the right, 3rd row from the bottom. He was trained as a Fireman aboard the YMS329 Minesweeper. His graduation picture from boot camp was found in my father's possessions after he died. I wish I knew who the other men were. I understand from another poster, Code Basher, that the info on the ranks are as follows: The Chief Petty Officer was probably the Company Commander. The First Class Petty Officer (fourth from left, front row) was probably the Executive Officer. All other men are E-1 Seamen Recruits (white band around right shoulder.) The tall recruit between the petty officers would have been the "Recruit Company Commander." The third from the left and the fourth from the right would have been "Recruit Platoon Leaders." | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos