Well, here are the troublemakers, the neighborhood clowns, the jamokes. This car was in front of my house at 222 N. Mardina Street, West Covina, California about 1961 or so. I do not recall whose car this was. I'm the kid on the left. Doug is in the middle and Dennis is making the face on the right. We were all the same age, but Dennis was bigger. Our homes were adjacent: mine, Dennis's and Doug's. They had built-in pools, and boy did I take advantage. Doug's dad was a construction guy, kind of loud and gruff. Summertimes when we were at his house swimming, Jack (his dad) would come home from work and upon seeing us kids would say, "What are you jamokes up to?" in a most affectionate way. Now the word: Urban Dictionary says jamoke is "a clumsy loser who is incapable of doing normal human tasks." We were friends forever, at least as long as it lasted. And it did for several years. And hey, the car is a 1957 Dodge. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos