This picture is not from the classic American car era. American cars were a far cry from the golden era of the early to mid 60s. Mainly they were pathetic. There I am, holding our little beagle mix dog,next to my first rent-a-car. She lived until 1987,bless her heart.We got her in 1972,as a puppy. I was in my early 20s and had sufficient credit to rent this car. It was a thrill to take my younger brother up with me;the big shot who had a great car! Or so he thought. Somewhere along the way,we lost a hubcap. As I recall,the car was big,floaty,and ate gas like a hungry dog. The yellow truck nearby belonged to my folks...who knows what this was? It was quite a long lived vehicle,which served our family well.Basic transportation. The picture is in Southern Utah,at my family's cabin. The silver object in the background is the water tank that enabled us to wash dishes and bathe.We don't see the cabin,but it is there,in the forests near Cedar City,Utah. My Dad worked his ass off to build this cabin,with professional and family help. 25 or so years later,old age set in and my parents sold it for a nice price. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos