Eight men and seven deer about 1895 in Hanover, Michigan. Back Row Left to Right 1.Wells W. Dew (b.1848, d.1933) 2.Bill Preston 3.Barney Ramsdell 4.George Buell 5.A.B.Sanderson (Albert Edwin Thompson Sanderson, b.1867, d.1921) Front Row Left to Right 1.Ralph Sanderson (b.1874, d.1957) 2.Will H. Sanderson, Jr. (b.1852, d.1933) 3.Doc. Hathaway (medical doctor in Hanover, Michigan) Ralph and A.B Sanderson are cousins. Will Sanderson is the father of Ralph and uncle to A.B. Sanderson. Ralph Sanderson is the youngest in the photo. I estimate he is about 20 years old, so the photo was taken about 1894/1895. There are 8 men in the photo and 7 deer. All the men lived in Hanover, Michigan. It could have been taken in Hanover or a northern Michigan deer camp. I wonder if Will Sanderson was the butcher? Look at the cigar in the hand of Barney Ramsdell. The men all appear to have long hunting coats. Four of the men appear to have white shirts and ties. A.B. Sanderson is my Great Grandfather on my father's side of the family. Sandersons and Levys still live in the Hanover area. William H. Sanderson, Sr. and his wife Electa Bentley purchased a farm in the town of Somerset in 1844, which they improved and made for themselves a home. In 1865, they moved to Hanover and remained there for the rest of their lives. William H. and Electa Sanderson were parents to Will H. Sanderson Jr. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos