We moved into the new house at 85 Leabrook Lane, Princeton, NJ, on July 30, 1962. After we moved in a lawn was planted and the street paved. I watched with fascination as they completed both those tasks. You can also see the completed chimney and the electric line to the house. Being one of the first houses in a neighborhood gave me lots of chances to see and hear how homes were built, and lots of dirt piles to play in and house frames to use as my personal monkey bars. I am quite sure if any adults really knew what I did and where I climbed after the workmen went home they would have been horrified. But I never got any injury more serious than a splinter in all my shimmying up and down the wooden beams of the houses that came after ours. I am the eight-year-old girl in the winter coat. My mother is the adult closest to me and her sister next to her. My one-year-old brother's stroller is on the driveway. On the front step is a milk box; the man who delivered milk and eggs to it also left me a stick of Juicy Fruit gum every day. My father took the picture. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos