In 1953 I started grade 1 in Riverside (now Windsor), Ontario, at Edith Cavell School. That building, built in 1919, had grades 1 through 13 jammed into it, and our combined class of grades 1 and 2 had 44 kids in a basement classroom. My teacher was Mrs. Trotter for two years. For grade 3 we moved to the top floor to a room with a view. The baby boom was in full swing, and in September of 1956 for grade 4 we moved to this brand new school named Princess Anne. We had an extra week of summer holidays because the school was not finished in time. This photo shows a group of kids at the front of the school, with my mother standing behind the card table. I am standing beside the table with my tongue sticking out. Princess Anne was demolished in 2009, and replaced with a new building named Dr. David Suzuki Public School. It features solar energy collectors and advanced environmental features. The Edith Cavell School building now houses condominiums. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos