August, 1976. Another forgotten photo from that forgotten road trip to Southern California I took with my friend who also forgot about this Kodachrome slide he took but didn't forget about the road trip. Go that? Anyway, I figure this is as we returned home to Marin County and we've stopped at the Corte Madera post office to pick up my mail from my p.o. box. I had the box there because I worked there at the post office. Corte Madera is right next door to Idyllic Larkspurâ„¢, where I lived. The plaque to the right of the door marks the dedication of the building, at which I was in attendance: "This building dedicated to public service - 1969 - Richard M. Nixon President of the United States - Winton M. Blount Postmaster General." Neither gentleman was able to attend. Blount, incidentally, was the last Postmaster General to sit in the presidential cabinet. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos