The original mid-century modern furniture and accessories my parents bought for their Levittown, Pennsylvania starter home are behind me as I sit (fully clothed) in a potty chair, about to check out how that book tastes. The furniture includes two green sectional couches, a fifties blonde wood triangular end table with drawers and decoy duck lamp. Also in the picture are a freeform fifties ashtray (because everybody smoked in 1955), a rainbow stripes carpet and a 1950 ivory RCA 1-X-56 AM-only radio that you can see the the power cord and bottom half of. The brick wall is actually a part of the fireplace that divided the kitchen from the living room of the Levittowner model of these 1953 homes. Every home had exactly the same one, with a crawl-through fire pit area that opened to both the kitchen and living room at the end. Scan was made from a negative. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos