Another thing every suburban mid-century modern house had was a console television set. Specifically, it is a 1951 RCA Kendall 17T174 model 17 inch black and white TV in a blonde wood cabinet with doors that closed to make it look “pretty” like a piece of furniture. (Don’t ask me to explain why people in the fifties thought this way. It isn’t as if they were going to fool anyone that it was not a television set.) I am sitting on a Paul McCobb “Captains Chair,” though I also can’t explain why I have it caught in the living room curtain. I further don’t know why my father is napping on the living room floor. He clearly knew that was what he was going to do because he brought a pillow to the floor with him. It isn’t like we didn’t have a couch in that room. I also do not know what was in my three-year-old brain to cause me to sit there so still and seriously. All of which (the husband and child, not the TV) may be what caused my mother to take this picture. Scan was made from a negative. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos