This photo shows my mother’s parents (Marie was last seen here) two years before they were wed if the date hand-written on the picture margin is correct. In 1921 both would have been approximately age 30. He was born in Bialystok (which is now part of Poland) in 1891, supposedly under the name of Issar Derrish which became Americanized to Isadore Weinstein, probably at the behest of his older brother Benny who invited the teenage Issar to join him in New York City around 1905. They subsequently formed Weinstein Brothers Cloak and Suits, with “Izzy” as the craftsman and Benny as the salesman. When Benny suddenly died in the 1930s that company fell apart. My guess is that this picture is at some vacation resort hotel, possibly in the Catskills. Beyond that, I have no clue. I would not consider sitting in a rocking chair and reading while a guy smoking a cigar was sitting on that chair’s arm with cigar smoke inches from my face to be a wonderful dating activity. I know for a fact that they married in 1923. That makes me question if this is a honeymoon photo, and not a dating photo. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos