The Bartholomew Company of Peoria, Illinois introduced an American Automobile called the Glide at the 1903 Chicago Automobile Show. The Glide automobile, designed by John B. Bartholomew, was manufactured by the Bartholomew Company. "Ride in a Glide, Then Decide." Bartholomews Glide, was built in Peoria from 1902 to 1917, prior to the Glide, the Bartholomew Company made peanut roasters and popcorn wagons. "In 1910, Teddy Roosevelt traveled the "World’s Most Beautiful Drive" in a Glide. But the song "Jolly Old Ride in a Glide" didn’t achieve nearly the popularity of "My Merry Oldsmobile," and production of the elegant Glide ended in 1917. Bartholomew shifted his focus to farm machinery and trucks at the Avery Company, helping identify Peoria with tractors." - Marilyn Leylan | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos