Advance Bottling Works, ABC brand Ginger Ale, Lemon, Strawberry, Grape and other fruit-flavored Soft Drinks, 311-313 Warner Avenue, Peoria, Illinois, circa 1915. From Peoria City and County, Illinois: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement, Volume 2, by James Montgomery Rice, 1912: "William Dorey is at the head of one of the well known productive industries of Peoria — The Advance Bottling Works, manufacturers and bottlers of soft drinks. His life record had its beginning on the 17th of October, 1871, Peoria being his native city. He was left an orphan by the death of his parents when only six months old and was adopted by a family that reared him. His youthful days were passed in this city and he attended the public schools, thus acquiring his education. He afterward engaged in driving a team and later became a street car conductor. He turned from this to enter the ice business and subsequently he engaged in dealing in coal. His next venture was in the feed business and at one time he dealt in gasoline and oil but sold out in that line to engage in the liquor trade, in which he continued in Peoria for six years, then in the manufacture and bottling of soft drinks at No. 313 Warner Avenue." (Permission granted and courtesy of Peoria Historical Society Collections) | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos