As the sixties replaced the fifties, my mother gave away most of the original mid-century modern furniture and turned to colonial revival to decorate our Levittown house. Here my father Howard plays with my less-than-year-old brother Iden on our new red couch, next to a very sixties record cabinet, faux ship’s lantern light fixture, and in front of a left-over glass and blonde wood mid-century modern coffee table. Above them is a commercial art print of a duck between a set of Issar’s scissors. My mother treasured those scissors. They were her father, Issar’s, primary professional tool. They are mounted on two green velvet-covered wooden cutting boards, using a brass drawer handle (and gravity) to hold them in place. The way my mother mounted them allowed them to still be used as scissors, though their huge size and weight made them impractical. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos