One of the things you find out in editing your family pictures for sharing on Shorpy are the strange things you never thought of when you were growing up. My family seems to have had “a thing” about carriages and strollers, both real and for play. In this picture, which shows me in the foreground using my potty chair as a regular chair and playing with a pound-a-peg bench, there are two play strollers behind me. A tin lithographed one is standing upright, and a steel frame and fabric one is turned over on the floor. Other pictures show me climbing into a carriage, and wheeling it on the sidewalk, and wheeling a dog in the stroller that is on the floor in this picture. I remember a fourth woody wagon carriage from the 1940's that I have not found a picture of. And then there are the numerous pictures of me or my brother in carriages or strollers, and even one of my family using one with my brother at the kitchen table in place of a high chair. Why did I have so many strollers and carriages and why are there so many pictures including them? I have no clue. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos