When my maternal grandfather, F. Harold Tyler, captioned this picture, there were a few unknowns. Location: Forest Lake, New Hampshire. Cymbals - ?, Drums - Allie Tyler, Bass drum - John Barrus, Alto - (Harry Alexander scratched out), E-flat Bass - Cooper (ran a restaurant where Beedle Music Co. was on West Street), Alto - Harry Alexander, Cornet (leader - ?), Bass Viol ___ Hill, Clarinet - Fred Farr and Summer White, E-flat Clarinet - Geo. Bowker, Trombone (between Farr & White) - Norm Davis. Music runs in the family. "Allie" Tyler would likely have been my great-grandfather. This is the only time I've seen that nickname, he was Albert. Harold was best known in later life as a flute and piccolo player, though he played in a drum corps as a young man. The photo was likely taken prior to 1900. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos