The woman in the rocker is "Big Grandma," Betsey Calista Britton (née Ware), my great-great grandmother. The woman to her left is her daughter, Martha Harriet Carpenter. To Betsey's right is her granddaughter, Mabel Carpenter Perry, who is holding her son, John Perry. The photo was taken at the Britton place in Surry, NH, in 1913 by Mabel's older brother, Fred Carpenter. Big Grandma was born on the other side of the Asheulot River and Surry Mountain in Gilsum, NH, in 1819, and died in Surry in 1917. Martha was born in 1851, and Mabel was born in 1878, both in Surry. Steve Miller Someplace near the crossroads of America | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos