BUY PRINT    Nov. 3, 1913. "Shooting bull, Central Park." 5x7 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection. Headline in the New York Times:
MAN IS SHOT DEAD IN CHASE FOR STEER Frenzied Animal Tears Down Fifth Avenue, Police Shooting From Taxicabs. SEVEN OTHERS SCATTER Wild Bullet Slays a Watchman -- Waiter Is Wounded -- All the Beeves Caught or Killed.
The steer which caused the excitement in Fifth Avenue was one of eight which escaped from the yards of the New York Stock Company at Sixtieth Street and the North River. In the pursuit another man was wounded, a policeman was trampled on, and a delivery wagon was wrecked. The excitement began about 4 o'clock yesterday morning and did not end until five hours later, when the last steer was shot to death in Central Park. The steer which alarmed Fifth Avenue was one of the wildest of the lot, and it was a police bullet fired at it which went wild and killed George Beattie, night watchman of the building under construction at 24 East 55th Street. ... The steer, bleeding from wounds, turned into Fifty-Fifth Street, followed by a string of revolver-popping automobiles. ... According to stockyard authorities, about 200 short-horn Oregon steers were unloaded yesterday morning, consigned to various butchers in the city ... | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos