The description on the back of this photo is at least as interesting as the photo itself, chiefly in its revelation of the photographer's business sense. Views of the Wreck at Beaver Mills The picture on the reverse side of this card was taken by J.A. French, Photographer of this city, soon after the great boiler explosion at Beaver Mills on Monday last, May 22. The boiler house, which was entirely blown to pieces, was situated on this side of the big chimney, as you look at the picture, where the ends of the boilers which did not explode may be seen protruding from the debris. The engine house is beyond the chimney and was not thrown down. The large building at the left is occupied by the Keene Furniture Co., and that on the right by the Beaver Mills Co. The hole in the wall of the latter building is about fifty feet in width. Between the building and the boiler house was a passage way, and it was in that passage way that the killed and injured were taken out. The bodies lay near the wall of the Beaver Mills building at the further edge of the hole in the wall as you see the picture. The boiler which exploded was of the size of the large one shown above, and was set to the right of it. The main part of the exploded boiler lies at the foot of the chimney, and a smaller part, or one sheet, lies under the debris of the Beaver Mills wall. As the work of excavation and clearing away the debris has progressed, other views were made on Wednesday and Friday mornings, and we now have a series of 12 of scenes of this terrible disaster; 8 are made in boudoir size, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, and four others on larger negatives which can be finished in the same size or mounted on 10 x 12 board for framing; and one of the latter size is an upright showing the entire height of the chimney as it stands. Prices are 35 and 45 cts., forwarded by mail to any location on receipt of price. These pictures are in great demand, each having a printed title on the front, and a brief description on the back. Call, or send orders to J. A. FRENCH, Keene, N. H. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos