One of my brother's high school classmates. With his Rolleicord, cable release, tripod, light meter and box of Sylvania Superflash flashbulbs, he's obvioulsly the school's go-to guy for photography. The white thing hanging on the tripod is a program for the senior play, "George Washington Slept Here," and he's here in the gym/auditorium to shoot a dress rehearsal. So's my brother, unofficially, with a roll of Ektachrome in his camera. This is a double-exposure, first shot without flash, explaining the phantom images around the bulbs and on the flash unit mount. Doesn't explain why there's a roll of Life Savers in the flash unit, though. Does add a little color interest to it, however. Oh, and I love his clothes, seriously. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos