Here's my grandfather at the Sphinx in May 1945, plus or minus a month or so. I've recently run across a stash of his photos and am slowly working my way through scanning them. Sadly, he wasn't much for labeling his photos unless these have fallen out of an album I haven't uncovered yet, so beyond some of the more obvious landmarks, it's difficult to impossible place the photo in time and space. This one's easy though. As a C-47 pilot ( based in Naples at this point, he made several trips to various North African destinations, apparently with enough time to take in the sights now and again. His photographer is never identified, but seems to put a little more thought into the composition than your average snapshot-taker. I showed this photo to my wife. "Where _is_ he?" she exclaimed. I want to believe that she was really wanting to know more about _why_ he was there than his actual location. I told her it was the Luxor in Vegas. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos