May 1963. This is a gag shot; the "gag," such as it is, being that I'm supposedly baffled by a comic strip character. I'd been a Pogo fan for as long as I could remember (note how worn that copy is) and by then I was, of course, well aware that Walt Kelly's strip had meanings on more than one level. I still have all our books, Dell comics and even the original "I Go Pogo" campaign button that I vaguely remember picking up at the San Francisco Chronicle building in 1952, when I was 6. But seriously, I posted this because of the nifty clock radio. And I want to assure all the Shorpy skeptics out there that, in the interests of historical authenticity, I did not Photoshop out any of my zits. Ektachrome-X slide. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos