My grandfather Harold Jensen along with his brother and sister, Holger and Hilga, were born on October 19, 1909. Multiple births were a big deal back then and the triplets were minor celebrities in and around their hometown of Cozad, NE, having their pictures taken many times during their childhoods. All three lived well into adulthood. They are gone now, but I'd like to wish them all a happy 99th birthday! I find this photo not only interesting because of the main subjects, but because I suspect they were 3 or 4 years old when this photo was taken, and you can see that the main mode of transportation was still horse and buggy - except for what appears to be a biplane just above the head of the child on the left. The image I scanned from, although very sharp is only 3¾ x 2¼ inches on the front of a 5½ x 3½ "postcard." I sure wish I had the glass negative for it! I just know there's a lot of lost detail! Here is a closeup of what I believe is a biplane. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos