We don't do many current-event photos but I thought this one deserved wider exposure. Yesterday, after weeks of rumors that North Korea's "Dear Leader" had been incapacitated by a stroke, the country's official news agency released what it claims are photos of Kim Jong Il at a recent soccer match. (Their "recentness" supposedly attested to by the fallish foliage in the background; this comes two weeks after an earlier batch of photos showing the pudgy dictator amid lush greenery that was obviously out of season.) Of the relatively few news accounts that actually showed any of the photos (I found them here on Breitbart), most used this one, of Kim seated indoors. The one I thought most interesting was the photo above, of the D.L. greeting an assortment of functionaries whose hovering selves levitate shadowlessly over a stone platform. Eerie, huh? | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos