June 1963. A year after my father sat on the deck reading the paper, here's my mother out there engrossed in her favorite newspaper activity, doing the crossword puzzle. I don't see the BBQ... er, grill, so maybe we were just eating outside to escape the kitchen's heat on a summer day. Besides the Melmac cup and saucer, other typical 1950s-60s paraphernalia in view includes square waxed milk and half-and-half cartons (Lucas Valley Dairy, for any vintage Marinites out there), another of our anodized aluminum tumblers, a woven basket chair peeking in at the left, and a decorative cement Japanese garden lamp. In the distance, our cactus garden, which by this time I'd taken over. More of my succulent collection in pots lines the edge of the deck. There's our rain gauge mounted on the fence. My Kodachrome slide. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos