BUY PRINT    1937. "Little did Mrs. Mark Bristol realize when she baked, Virginia style, a couple of hams for friends a few years ago that it would eventually develop into a lucrative business for her. The flavor of the hams so intrigued the friends that they passed the word on to others, and as a result Mrs. Bristol now bakes thousands of hams every year in her kitchen on fashionable Massachusetts Avenue and ships them to all parts of the world. Even the Duke of Windsor is now one of her best customers. It takes Mrs. Bristol four days to prepare a ham according to her specially formulated recipe. It is first soaked and simmered for days, and then while baking, it is sprinkled with cloves, pineapple and basted with sherry, brandy or applejack. The hams are originally obtained from a special farm in Virginia where they have been smoked in the real Dixie manner. Mrs. Bristol frequently inspects the ham while is it in the simmering process. Her Virginia cook and first assistant, Mamie, wraps the meat." Harris & Ewing glass negative. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos