My Step-Dad's family in Bombay. Probably on the porch of the house on Cuffe Parade, overlooking the Arabian Sea. My father's sisters, Amy (far lef) and Mehru (beside Grandpa), and his mother and father. Amy lived in London, England. She also looked exactly like my Dad. Grandmother was a typical Indian mother ... Always right and always trying to get "her baby" to move back to India, even into his 40s. She eventually disowned Dad when he wouldn't leave my baby brother and sister in India to be raised by her. Grandpa was probably one of the sweetest men and probably one of the most hen-pecked. He's wearing the typical Parsi (Zoroastrian) man's hat. When we visited in 1968, he used to entertain my little brother and sister by taking out his teeth and doing a Mickey Mouse impression. There was also a brother who died in infancy. He had been ill and Grandmother gave him his medicine, not realizing that the Ayah (Nanny) had already given it to him, as was her job. He died of an overdose. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos