Circa 1970 in the Apple Valley area of Southern California, where my parents had bought some undeveloped land as an investment. Dad took the picture. From the left: Mom, whiny little brother, Grandma (Mom's mom), Gramps and ... me. As a surly teen, I had a habit of distancing myself from the group. Just look at my last picture of our vacation to confirm this. Gotta love my wardrobe! Granddad, Warren Erickson, was a pioneer employee with Trans World Airlines who knew Charles Lindbergh, Howard Hughes and Eddie Rickenbacker, retired in 1968 as an inspector based in Los Angeles. He had to sign off on all maintenance performed on TWA planes before they could be certified to carry passengers. He could fix anything -- cars, radios, televisions, appliances, and of course Wright Cyclone aircraft engines. He was a nice man,too. RIP Warren Erickson 1899-1983. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos