Family, food and fashions of the 1970s, as demonstrated by my sister-in-law, my father, mother and me on a Sunday morning in January, 1975, captured by my brother on Kodachrome. Once again, sis-in-law wins the arresting garb sweepstakes. Love that hat. I was quite fond my shirt, too. This week in San Francisco, I spotted two young women with glasses exactly like my father's. We're gathered in front of the late, lamented 464 Magnolia Restaurant in, you guessed it, Larkspur, California. Through the 1950s, the building was the local telephone exchange. Adjoining buildings housed the hardware store, pharmacy and dry goods emporium. Today they've all been consolidated into an upscale café, coffee house, deli and patisserie complex. The rest of the old everyday establishments have long given way to other fancy eateries, boutiques, art galleries and management offices. The main link to my childhood in downtown Larkspur is the barber shop, which still has the very barber chairs I squirmed in while getting shorn. Fortunately, the local historical preservation ordinance has prevented all exterior changes except for paint color, so the town still looks relatively unchanged. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos