March, probably 1965. The entire Parsi community of the 1960s is in this photo. Seated: (from left) My mother, old Mrs. Byram, one of her daughters (either Jilloo or Silloo - I cannot recall which), I cannot recall who the woman on the Ottoman was, possibly a third Byram sister?), and Mrs. Contractor. Standing: Mr. and Mrs. Patel, Mr. Contractor, the other of the two Byram sisters, my father. I knew the Patels for many years and Mrs. Patel (who is Dutch) attended the Unitarian church with my family. Aside from my mother, she is the only other person in the photo who is still alive. Mrs. Bryam was a sweet lady. I liked her very much. I recall, however, that she was diabetic and her daughters would slap her hand if she tried to take a candy or sweet. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos