Be honest now; how many of you wouldn't be thrilled to get a new vise for Christmas? Father seems pleased with this ultra-modern, high-tech aluminum model, undoubtedly looking forward to replacing the old-fashioned steel one on his workbench in the basement. Unfortunately, the screw soon developed a slight bend (I may have had something to do with that) and it never again worked quite as smoothly. Mounted on the same workbench was a hand-cranked grinding wheel that I liked to spin up to as many joist-shaking rpms as possible, thereby provoking immediate maternal castigation from the top of the stairs. At which point I stopped, until the next time I did it. Among the items here on the shelves are a selection of handyman books my mother kept buying and which Father kept ignoring for the most part; generally, he relied on his own ingenuity. A timely discovery: on the middle shelf, lying sideways, is a copy of Uncle Frank's book, as mentioned last week; I think my sister has it. I count nine items now in my custody, including my picture. Oh, and help yourself to a piece of See's candy. Kodachrome II slide by me. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos