Interpreting facial expressions is a favorite Shorpy pastime, so herewith I present those of my family and friends for your speculations. Granted, some are influenced by the angle of incoming solar radiation. To the best of our recollections, this was a church picnic at Boyes Hot Springs, California. My father is at the left, my mother in the center looking at the camera, my sister propping her head on her hand, my brother over her shoulder. I'll let you guess which one is me, but as a hint he just might be the one who seems to be thinking: "I'm bored. Why can't I be home reading my comic books?" This snapshot, clicked off by a friend with my sister's Duaflex, benefited from one of those happy combinations of circumstances: nice sunlight angle and an exposure perfectly suited to the camera's fixed f-stop for Verichrome film (cropped down from a 2-1/4 square negative). Still, I rather think the shot is made by the lady who apparently didn't hear "Watch the birdie." | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos