Johann Wilhelm Hager and his extended family, circa 1910 in Chicago. Back Row, L-R: John Meseth; his wife, Louise Seafeldt; Liz's half -sister, Gertrude Schotzke-Benbow (holding unidentified baby); Adam Meseth; Gertrudes' husband, Al Benbow; Unknown; Fred Schotzke; Middle Row, L-R: Wolfgang Hager; Sofronia Coe-Hager (holding, baby. Widow of Hans Hager); Harry Price Walker (Sofronia's second husband); Margaretha Wirth-Meseth-Hager (below pitcher); Johann Wilhelm Hager (Margaretha's second husband); Front Row, L-R: Elsie Schotzke (in front of Wolfgang Hager); Bertha Schotzke-Feltz (in front of Margaretha); Ernie Feltz (Front row, striped shirt). Children, sitting on ground, L-R: Harry Meseth (Adam's son); Harold Feltz (Ernie's son); George Meseth (John's son, face partially obscured); Herb Meseth (Adam's son, wearing hat and tie); Hennie Meseth (Adam's daughter, in Herb's arms); Meta Meseth (John's daughter); Emil Feltz (Ernie's son, sleeveless t-shirt). | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos