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Sliding Into the Seventies

Sliding Into the Seventies

Yes, even in Idyllic Larkspur™ we had graffiti, but since this is 1970 and since my home town was something of a counterculture mecca at the time, instead of gang tags, the playground equipment is emblazoned with Peace and Love. Who knows, it may have been applied by Janis Joplin, whose house was less than a quarter mile away here in Baltimore Canyon. From time to time, we'd see also Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters bus tooling about town. But as you can see, the counterculture was not exactly my bag, man, unless my groovy belt could be interpreted as a sign of a repressed desire to turn on, tune in and drop out. But nothing like that happened until a few years later, and then only for special occasions. Anyway, by that time all that kind of stuff was becoming rather mundanely mainstream. Snapped by a friend with my Polaroid camera. View full size.

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Idyllic Farkspur


So are you hinting that the sangria was not the only libation that evening?

The slide

Another fine product of PW MFG CO, whose name is cast into the rungs of the ladder. I wonder if that led to many sales.

FATHER: "Hon, the kids' swingset is pretty much shot. I'm heading over to Sears for a new one."

JUNIOR: "Sis and I want a slide made by PW MFG CO, just like the one at the park!"

Greg and Ralphie

Ironically, given all the comparisons of those guys to me here on Shorpy, I have never once in my entire life watched a single Brady Bunch episode, nor A Christmas Story in its entirety. I did catch bits of the latter, though, when burning my laserdisc (which I inherited from a friend) to DVD-R in the process of joining the two sides.

Hurry up and take the picture Marcia,

Alice will have lunch ready soon!

Looks like my high school wardrobe!

I had the short sleeved sport shirt,wide belt, and flared pants thing going on! My pants often consisted of weird colors with vivid stripes.

In my little slice of surbubia,we were not so counterculture. It was a few years after this picture was taken,that I went to see Jane Fonda speaking at Mount San Antonio College,where I attended after my HS graduation. I felt like such a lefty!

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