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Hiram Walker: 1905

Hiram Walker: 1905

Walkerville, Ontario, circa 1905. "Hiram Walker & Sons, bottling works." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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About the fumes

My wife used to work in a Joseph E. Seagram Distilling plant. One year, at the height of hay fever season, she gave some of us a tour of the place. After five minutes in the warehouse where millions of gallons of the product were aging in wooden barrels I realized that my respiratory passages had been blasted to the point that I could breathe freely, and they stayed that way for hours after I left.

Needless to say, a no-smoking area.

It's clear now

For years I tried to drink them dry. Now, I know the answer. They were making it at a faster rate than I could drink it. Even in my foggy mind it is beginning to make sense.

Sorry, we have to assume

Rule number 7 says that if you fall off your stool we will terminate employment. See rule 5 that prohibits consuming the product.

Another round for all please

Working in this place would make me crave Canadian Club and Crown Royal cocktails all day, being permeated in the robust, sweet scent of good liquor and clinking glasses, not to mention lots of company for sociability. It does seem to me there are a few very young boys under 16 working here although they could not have drunk their wares and I also notice that although the men are apparently supervisors and observers (perhaps 'tasters'), the women are the ones actually working, a little twist on queen bees and male drones. Anyway, gotta go, I need a drink. Cheers!

My favourite whisky, ever

Great picture, thank you. I enjoy my glass of Hiram Walker every night, so this photo means a lot to me. Greetings!


All of that huge belt driven machinery just to put a cork (or cap) on the bottle just looks odd to me.

[It might have something to do with chipmunks. - Dave]

Taste testers

I assume all those folks in the back are doing quality control.


Here's one for the "orbs and faces" crowd.

Jeopardy Answer

They got high from the fumes?


So many bottles, so little time.

The toughs lining the walls

must be there to make sure nobody gets a free sample.

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