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Chicken Salad Sandwich: 1914

Chicken Salad Sandwich: 1914

October 1914. "Table boy in a Montgomery. Alabama, drug store. Many of these boys work until midnight, and some are very young." Hey kid -- one peppermint caramel venti latte to go. Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine. View full size.


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Punch Bowl

I own two of these punch bowls!

Moore's Drugs

This was taken at Moore's Drugs at 8 Dexter Avenue in Montgomery, AL

Punch Bowl

My wife would love to have that!

Chi sal san

After years of being handed sales receipts generated by computers for groceries, restaurants, dept. stores, etc., my son habitually abbreviates phrases just as the computer cash registers do. His habit is contagious and now I'm getting it. The chi sal san equals the modern version of what is written on the menu board in this picture. Also, note that the beverages are served in rather modest 6 to 8 oz. glasses rather than the 2 liter "big gulps" people prefer today. Also I can't help but admire the magnificent cut glass punch bowl on the counter which would currently fetch a tidy sum from a collector. And finally, the young man serving drinks reminds me of a young Michael Imperioli who looked very similar in a gangster movie I saw many years ago (might have been "Goodfellas" or "Godfather").

Looks familiar

The young man in the apron looks a lot like my husband's family from Pike County. He actually has a distant cousin I met in Montgomery recently who must be in his 70's now. Makes you wonder about the lives some of these people led and who they were.

I have loved Shorpy for quite some time and tell everyone about it. This is my first time registering and making a comment! Glad to be here.

Ptomaine Special

Lightly iced (at best) Chicken Salad in Montgomery? Maybe the October air helped keep things cool. What the kitchen looks like is anyone's guess, as it still is today.

All this

and they deliver ice cream in convenient packages.

Carryout Box Lunch

Looks like the guy on the right may be having some General Tso's chicken salad.

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