This is my attempt at colorizing George N. Barnard’s photograph found on the Library of Congress’s Web site - Digital file from original negative of right half. The title is “Atlanta, Ga. Wagon Train on Marietta Street”; however, this is in error. In fact, it was probably taken from the upper floor of a building at the NW corner of the intersection of Whitehall (now Peachtree) and Alabama Streets looking SE down Alabama. (See details in “Mapping Barnard's Alabama Street” at Bing map) The lamppost in the foreground is almost certainly the one from which a cannon ball ricocheted killing Solomon Luckie on 8/9/1864. Luckie was a free African American barber, and the Lamppost is still standing with reinforcements placed over the shell damage in Underground Atlanta. There are still some refinements that I would like to make to this image, but the file is so large my computer – or my old version of Photoshop – won’t take any more changes. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos