My father (53) and my grandmother (73) watch my grandfather (81) mowing his lawn at his "new" house in Calpella, California; at left with trunk agape, our trusty Hudson (7). A couple years before, grandpa sold his large grape vineyard (off screen immediately to the left) that he'd ranched since about 1915. I still have a lot of memories of this house, like this, but geekily enough, also of watching TV, courtesy the gigantic TV antenna that picked up the nearest stations over 100 miles away in San Francisco. For some reason, I have a very detailed recollection of being 15 and watching the 1951 Cary Grant film People Will Talk on NBC's Saturday Night at the Movies and being utterly mesmerized by Finlay Currie's characterization of the mysterious Mr. Shunderson. Thanks to the fact that every bit of information ever is now on the Internet, I can actually pin down this memory to one of two exact dates in 1962, depending on whether it was a rerun or not. Zowie. My brother's Ektachrome slide. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos