Can it be that a mere 36 years ago it was still a world of neon signs, diners that offered "eats," public telephones and gigantic vinyl-roofed hardtops? It was on Water Street in Petaluma, California. Already those days were numbered. Beasley's, in the c.1850 Wickersham Building, had only 5 years to go before being replaced by a fancy Italian restaurant - at which I enjoyed many a zabaglione, it must be admitted. Water Street, formerly an access alley of tar, asphalt patches and plain old dirt, is now a cobbled promenade, though the now-unused railroad tracks are still there. The rest of the business district is populated by boutiques, wine shops, shabby-chic antique emporia, nail-, hair- and skin-care parlors and lots more upscale restaurants. Somehow it all makes me want to belly up to a counter for a burger and a shake. Car is a Ford LTD, film Kodacolor II, photographer me. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos